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All proceeds from sales from this album will be donated to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) in Melbourne, Australia’s largest provider of services which protect, support and empower people seeking asylum. The ASRC provides aid, justice and empowerment programs to over 1000 asylum seekers living in the community seeking refugee protection, run by a team of volunteer and paid staff.

'Resettled' is a creative/procedural generative audio remix project, birthed from a piano loop from ‘Railway Spine’s “Damnatio Memoriae”. Inspired by Werner Baer’s arrangement of Jewish hymn “Emet Ki Ata”, a three part string piece by NSW artist Charles Sage and NY composer Scott Archangel was recorded at Infidel Studios NSW by Alex Voorhoeve of the Canberra Symphony Orchestra. Stems were distributed internationally to seven sound designers and musicians in sequential order, with each participant reworking the arrangements of the previous – “a remix of a remix of a remix”.

The resulting progression is intended to demonstrate a dispersal of the contribution of The Vanished into Australian musical culture.


released August 7, 2015

Piano by Antonymes.
Electronics by Markus Mehr.
Bass by Daniel Cavalli.
Beats by George Nicholas (Seekae).
Vocals by Gregory Hoepffner.
Texture by Mark Kuykendall.
Guitar by Danny Grody.
Strings composed and arranged by Charles Sage and Scott Archangel, performed by Alex Voorhoeve, recorded by Duncan Lowe at Infidel Studios NSW.
Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.
Artwork by Charles Sage.




Internecine: The Vanished Musicians NSW, Australia

7-25 August
Nishi Gallery.
WWII: Ninety-six musicians flee Germany for Australia, many forced to leave their homeland for playing blacklisted jazz. After internment in the desert as enemy aliens, many are forced to abandon their art when immigration officials insist on practical labour skills as a condition of entry. Most downplay their talent to enter safe haven, then disappear into obscurity. ... more

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